Icntern to China through China Interntrip, your guide to a valuable adventure in China with a professional team of rich local resources in various industries. We are always here to provide you with prospective internships and full service in China.

  • 01.

    Professional Team

    Our team has rich professional knowledge and service experience in internship. We have regular training to provide a comprehensive range of the latest and most personalized services and supports for you.

  • 02.

    Strong Execution Force

    We have a strict management system which enables the team members to response to your requirements quickly and efficiently, making sure every project runs smoothly.

  • 03.

    Personalized Services

    We have various local resources to provide you with full range of personalized services such as Chinese study environment, home stay families, airport pickup&drop-off, insurance, welcome package, special cultural activities,etc.

  • 04.

    Excellent Partners

    We have excellent partners from different industries, including business, financing, banking, law, education and so on, which can provide you with satisfying positions for your future development.

  • 05.

    Culture Activities

    We organize kinds of cultural activities, including city sightseeing, Chinese paper-cutting, making jiaozi(Chinese traditional food), holding special dinner party, and so on, which help foreigners learn Chinese culture better and strengthen their cultural communication ability.

  • 06.

    Competitive Price

    We have convenient facilities and resources to cut down the cost, thus make our price more competitive under the guarantee of high-quality services.

  • 07.

    Powerful Supporter

    China Interntrip is a subsidiary of national finance company Fortune Investment Bank of China(FIBC), which supports all our daily operations and projects.

  • 08.

    Clear Strategic Goal

    We aim to bring our qualified services to people all around the world and become a credible and popular company in intern field .