More Than Internship

Everything You Can Do In China

Cultural exchange is an important element for promoting cultural globalization and diversified development. Cultural exchanges not only impact the interaction of people, the four essential requirements of the people(food, clothing, housing and transportation), customs and so on, but also the spread of ideas, religion, literature and art. Nowadays, people learn different culture from all kinds of approach, for example: international students, transnational enterprises, and some worldwide events.

In recent years, China is growing fast and attracts more and more foreigners from all over the world. People are attracted by Chinese food, Chinese traditional culture, business opportunity. You may think: what you should do if you want to work or study in China? The answer isContact China Interntrip. Whether you want to study in China or come to China for business, China Interntrip will arrange the entire itinerary for you. China Interntrip will help you draw a rich and colorful stroke on your life resume. Our counselor will reach out and give you professional advice accordingly.

When youarrive in China, you will findour coordinator is waiting for you at the airport. You will be warmly greeted by flowers. Then we will take you to the apartment you chose before your trip.You can choose to live with a Chinese family orshare an apartment with another interns. If you live with a Chinese family, you will be warmly welcomed as an important member of the family, and you can experience the daily life of a Chinese family in all aspects. At the same time, you will have a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture and customs. These precious and valuable experiences are not available anywhere else. If you want to live in an apartment, you will live withother interns. We will provide you with a shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, and fully equipped private bedroom. Let you have the chance to experience independent life and get along with other interns. In a word, China Interntrip will tryour best to make you feel warm and concerned in this new country.

If you think life in China only includes work and study? Let me be explicit with you, its much more than that. The social activities will be held weekly with many different activities: archery, Chinese calligraphy, skating and Chinese traditional food feast, theme parties... Meanwhile, short tour will be provided if you want to explore more places in China. China Interntrip wants to build an platform for everyone to meet new friends, not only international interns, but also local people. Hopefully, you will make some long lasting friends and enjoy your time with them. Furthermore, if you have any ideas about team building activities, contact the China Interntrip.

Whats more you need to know is that: we understand that you have spent a lot of money on your trip, so we will try our best to ask our sponsors to provide activity space and food for everyone. With our efforts and enthusiasm, we want you to have a fulfilled and wonderful time. Now, you must be wondering how you can get the information if you are interested in these activities. The details will be given through our social platform, such as Wechat, scan QR code, and join us!

China Interntrip can also provide business service for you. If you need to come to China for business activities or prepare to establish a company in China, China Interntrip will provide you with a complete business service plan. Whether it's a customized business plan, business translation, or a business visit, China Interntrip will help you solve it one by one. Internship, foreign teacher and study abroad are the core business of China Interntrip in China, in addition to the above businesses, China Interntrip's business scope includes migration management, cultural tourism, summer camps, etc. In short, whether you want to come to China for an internship, work, study, travel or anything else you want to do, China Interntrip will help you.

There is such a sentence in the ancient Chinese poetry, which is called: Mans who travels far knows more. It means that after we have learned the book knowledge, we should combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical life. Make a metaphor for the relationship between "reading" and "walking": "reading ten thousand volumes of books" is like people through a window to see the golden mountain of knowledge and ability, but if you want to get this golden mountain, you have to go out totravel ten thousand miles" to reach the side of the gold mountain.

If you want to enrich your life experience orbuild a successful career, China with 5,000 years of culturalheritage is a good choice for you. If you want to have acompetent assistant to help you develop successfully in China, ChinaInterntrip is the best choice for you.