Customized Placement Health&Safety

We understand that you look forward to an perfect internship in China, and we take it as our responsibility to keep you safe and happy aboard. Moving to a new city is an exciting challenge. Interntrip values your safe as our primary concern. After you arrive Qingdao, we will take you to police station for registration within 24 hours. The basic insurance service will be included in your programme package for your own personal and property security. If you have further request,please contact your counselor. 

Safety tips

1. Although personal attacks are rare in china, they do happen. Please take reasonable precautions especially when you go out at night.

2. Take care of your personal belongs with you whenever you go to public area.

3. Traffic accident has been the main death cause in China now. So be cautious when you cross the road and always wait for the traffic light.

4. Be alert of scams. Do not buy things from black market or extremely cheap. Do not take taxi without license.

5. Contact the local authorities immediately anytime you encounter emergency situation, emergency telephone numbers: 119 for firefighters, 110 for police and 120 for ambulance. Of course, if you are worried about language obstacles, contact Interntrip, we will always be there for you.