•    DR. Mumtaz                  (From Pakistan)

    Firstly, I am highly grateful to China Interntrip for the support and help, they did to me, to get a well-matching internship of my interest, experience and future-desired-goal at FIB. Secondly, the time I spent at my internship was very practical, useful and professional learning experience era. During my stay at FIB, i had an opportunity to apply my all academic, personal and professional skills along prior knowledge of china - Pakistan economy and capital markets. Thirdly, I found my every FIB Colleague very friendly, supportive, generous, caring, and helpful. There cooperation is the main reason of getting practical training and professional skills at FIB. Without there support and help this training would not have been full of learning experience.

  • Abdellatif Belhaj       

    (From Britain)

    When Belhaj decided to do an internship in China, what he faced was the different work style and lifestyle. Undoubtedly it was a big challenge for him. Abdellatif found us - China Interntrip on the internet and what we gave him was a unique and exciting life experience. We helped him to adapt to the Chinese local life and helped him to fit in work environment. We arranged him to a Chinese company and Abdellatif got the chance for a business trip. This business trip provided Abdellatif the first hand information about the business culture in China and he dedicated to the work of assistant analyst and got involved in the analyzation of stock trade. Abdellatif Belhaj said, “It is an exciting and memorable experience in China. Thanks to it which give me the edge to stand out from the crowd on the job market. ”

  •    Luisa Pelaez      (From America)

    Luisa Pelaez  never got in touch with business culture in China. When Luisa came to Qingdao, we tried our best to help her practice the knowledge learned in school to the actual life. When Luisa was in Qingdao, we treated her like our friend and took care about her life and internship in Qingdao. In her internship company, Chinese colleagues treated her like the team member and there was specially-assigned person to work with her . During the process of developing her ability of getting into the professional field, she also made her contribution to the development of the internship company. Luisa felt the real business culture which she couldn’t learn from school. Meanwhile, we kept closely in touch with Luisa and provided necessary services to help her to immerse into the Chinese society rapidly.

  • Céline Rodrigues      

    (From France)

    Céline Rodrigues found us because she wanted to experience the Chinese culture. Céline wanted us to find her an appropriate internship company and help her to adapt in the life in China. Everything was strange for Céline when she came to China for the first time. When she faced obstacles of language and culture, we gave her our considerate services and life guide and taught her how to adapt in Chinese lifestyle. Gradually Céline immersed in the life in China. As a student of international trade major, Céline was interested in the Chinese trade.  We arranged an internship in a big financial trade company for her. During her internship, both the internship company and her found each other’s advantages and concluded a unique experience which became a great stepping stone towards her future career.

    Celine Rodeigues
  • Piyush Dutta                  (From India)

    Eight weeks of internship, in Fortune Investment Bank, was a very fruitful learning experience. Working in the Investment Banking Department, I had the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge of Chinese and Indian Economy and Capital Markets to practical use. I worked on"Opportunities for FIB to invest in India through Public Private Partnership (PPP)". Each and every colleague in FIB was very friendly and supportive. I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and business environment and took this opportunity to build strong relations. This experience will really help me in building strong ‘cross-cultural management skills’. I would like to Thank China Interntrip for helping me in getting the right Internship based on my area of interest and my past experience.

    Piyush Dutta
  •  Tonny                                (From Canada)                                      

    I would like to say that my internship in Qingdao is wonderful. After i sent an inquiry letter to China interntrip's contact email, they replied to me on the same day! And they recommended their program which was quite attractive to me. Then they assisted with the intern interview, after I got the offer they guided me to apply visa and told me about Qingdao's weather and office rules so that i could make enough preparation in advance. After i touched the land in Qingdao, they picked up me from the airport, and gave me a welcome ceremony which really touched me. Their team are very young and helpful to me. I learned the local culture, basic Chinese words, communication skills with Chinese, and so on. Also, the living condition was satisfying, there are 2 roommates from Europe countries, sometimes we cooked and joined activities together. On the weekend, China interntrip organized some team buildings and tours around Qingdao, which offered chance for me to make friends and know more about Qingdao. Actually, China interntrip team was very kindhearted, they treated me like family and gave me advice even onsite support when needed. When i finished the intern, they treated me with a dinner and gave me gift, which was a big surprise for me. I thank the team and if there's any chance in the coming years I will definitely go again.

  • Sunny(From America)

    To tell the truth, I was really worried before my arrival in China. Certainly, I was excited and full of expectation, but knowing nothing about the language and culture did worry me. All these vanished upon my arrival. Jessie and Mike picked me up at the airport, drove me to China Interntrip to attend a welcome ceremony, guided me to apply for a SIM card, to local police station for registration, to my accommodation, to the interntrip company...They accompanied me during the whole trip, telling me local situations, teaching me some basic Chinese. I felt at home!!! It was really a great experience. You can deeply understand Chinese rich culture, business mode, delicious food, spectacular scenery which you will never get through books or news. I recommend you this wonderful trip. With the help of China Interntrip, you will enjoy an amazing experience in China.

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