Due Diligence

China Interntrip performs detailed professional research about the reputation, financial situation and strategic intent of the investment.

  Investor Search

China Interntrip enrolls potential investors in the candidate list, holds initial talks, and invites the investor to join when it's necessary.

  Investment opportunities      

China Interntrip researches and evaluates investment opportunities in China, and provides potential lists and assistance during the whole process. 

  China Interntrip Investment

China Interntrip is looking for investment or joint investment opportunities in companies and projects. The popular investment programs involve traffic, water affairs, culture, municipal administration, security, high-tech, green-tech, real estate, energy, education, etc.


A Korean company owned a plot to be developed for hotel construction. They hoped to engage Chinese companies in their candidate list. China Interntrip took the responsibility of reviewing documents, contacting Chinese investment companies interested in the project, submitting documents and setting up meetings. We also provided supports during the whole meeting, and helped achieve the best result for both sides.

I am deeply impressed with the investors and service provided by China Interntrip, now we are stepping into the preparation period with a private corporation in Qingdao ---Customer Comments