To make sure foreign companies enter the Chinese market successfully, China Interntrip provides market access strategies as follows:

  Brand Establishment

  We provide a comprehensive brand establishment plan and communication plan , including translation of company files for Chinese consumers, website, company name and slogan. Our purpose is to provide you with marketing materials and strategies suitable for Chinese market to connect you with your target customers from the very beginning.

  Registration and Compliance

  China Interntrip helps your company to apply for legal registration to an appropriate local government. We also provide professional tax advice relating corporate tax and payroll tax in foreign business.

China Interntrip assisted an American company to establish strategic alliance with a Chinese real estate agent in order to provide overseas property buyer with on-line housing selection. We performed detailed evaluation of the market, summarized the existing forms of brokers, and assisted to develop a database comprising hundreds of housing agents. Thus, we screened out the suitable projects as well as individuals interested in the projects.
China Interntrip also provided culture training to top leaders, accompanied them to attend all meetings, and offered necessary supporting services. According to the bilateral agreement, China Interntrip helped set up an office in China, hire local employees and plan future operation strategy.
“It is beneficial for us to cooperate with China Interntrip. They are always at their best from initial ground research to implementation. In the whole service process, they are always professional, capable and experienced. Their knowledge of culture and market will be a huge fortune for any company intending to explore Chinese market.”---Customer Comments