China Interntrip aims to provide professional employees and strategy consultant to foreign companies in China to achieve their development objectives.

  Due Diligence

By usage of quantitative research method and qualitative research method, China Interntrip performs industry analysis and provides strategic advice, including detailed analysis of local market and product, market development tendency report, market positioning and development,etc.

China Interntrip aims to perform due diligence for foreign companies having invested in China or intending to know Chinese market and culture. We could provide professional reports relating to various industries, like insurance, oil and gas, chemical fertilizer, media, retail, real estate, education and so on.

  Relationship EstablishmentAs foreign companies who wants to learn more about Chinese market, it is important to establish a good relationship with potential stakeholders in China. China Interntrip can help you establish critical relationships with chief government officials, organizations and senior executives from major companies through our extensive social connection.
  Meeting In China

China Interntrip help foreign companies to set up meetings with your potential clients, partners and government officials. Meanwhile, we provide translation service and offer professional advice to your development strategy.


A Korean company planned to invest a black pig livestock farm in Qingdao.Before our cooperation, this Korean company was not able to establish necessary relationships with domestic companies. China Interntrip assisted this company to establish cooperation relationship with Chinese business companies and negotiated with heads of the business companies to put product advertisement in the promotion process. We will continue to provide supports in their further development.

For me, it is a breakthrough. Our cooperation with China Interntrip helps us select the perfect partner to invest in local market and makes a great contribution to exploring the whole Chinese market.”---Customer Comments