When I first came to China, Xian was one of the place suggested by many of my Chinese friends. I started surfing internet to know more about Xian and found the place very interesting. Xian is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. One of the oldest capital city which served 13 dynasties. Played a major role in ancient silk route. And then comes terracotta army. All these facts inspired me to travel to Xian.

Xi'an is the capital of Shanxi Province, located in North Central China. It is about 2 hours by air from Beijing, 2½ hours from Shanghai and 2 hours from Qingdao. Xian with its great history and beautiful culturelooked exciting to me.

First place I visited was Terracotta Warriors and Horses. The Terracotta Army was constructed to accompany the tomb of China's First Emperor as an afterlife guard. There are thousands of detailed life-size terracotta soldier models represent the guard troops of the first emperor Qin Shihuang. This is where China got its name from.

Terracotta has several warriors and horses statues. The statues have ranks. There are officer, soldiers, Charioteers and cavalry. Interesting fact is all the figures are unique in their own way and face of the figures do not match to each other. This shows the detailing capability back in those days. 

One more attraction is Bronze Chariot. There are 2 of them, Driven by 4 horses. These chariots do have Gold and Silver ornaments. We can also see ancient weapons from that time.

There are other places in Xian like Pagoda, which has Buddhist scripts and we can know how Buddhism came into China. Bell tower and Drum tower will give a glimpse of Xian culture. Old Xian city inside the city wall indeed a pleasure experience to explore. Xian is also famous for its food. Especially street food which offers different flavors and variety.

Xian is a must visit place in China which has many exciting things to offer. A trip to China is not complete without visiting Xian.


Good to know stuffs

Public transport is cheap however time consuming.

Metro is still need to reach many of the places, once it is done it will be easy to explore places.

Taxis are costly.

Must try Xian street food.

Muslim street near bell tower offers variety of food.

Better to keep an umbrella handy as it may rain anytime.