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In recent years, the Chinese government has accelerated the strategy implementation of The Belt and Road, devoted to the introduction of foreign talents, simplified the visa process and visa policy. China Interntrip respond positively to the appeals of the nation , following to the trend of globalization, making appropriate allocation of human resources according to the strategic requirements of the enterprise development.

* One of the largest foreign human resource database.
* Experienced in international cultural exchanges.
* High market share, multiple branches.

In China APP
  • In China APP sets up a comprehensive service platform for foreigners who are interested in working, traveling and living in China, providing users with high-quality services including looking for jobs, intermediary services, shopping and information. Based on the excellent experience of the Interntrip Consulting professional team in the field of service for foreigners and the excellent word-of-mouth feedback from customers, we have ensured that our APP can provide personalized solutions for different users who meet different needs in China.
  • Interntrip Consulting is one of the top international human resources service providers in China, massive work and accurate matching, switching cities easily, a variety of screening conditions, candidates can directly communicate with the company online, international professional HR consultant of Interntrip Consulting can help users complete the recommendation, interview and signing process. The special evaluation system helps to find more appropriate credible talents and enterprises.
  • We can provide a variety of services for foreigners living in China, such as visa, accommodation, living assistance and so on, and meet all the needs of your visit to China with package services.
  • All kinds of goods are introduced in English to meet your daily needs
  • Expats’ favorite local diet, cultural experience, and the latest information about foreign people living in China.
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