China Interntrip provides tailor-made internships to help you to gain professional skills and get into Chinese business and culture.

    The study of Chinese will enable you to understand Chinese culture and gain a competitive edge for your career, business, travel, study and so on.

    By living in a Chinese host family, you will experience typical Chinese lifestyle, immerse yourself in Chinese culture as well as learn some Mandarin.

    A shared apartment can gather interns from all over the world and enhance the cultural communication. You can make more friends and grow together.

    There are various featured cultural activities held by China Interntrip regularly to enrich your knowledge about China and make more friends.

    China Interntrip provides local and domestic tourism information consultation and help you to make the most reasonable travel plans.

    China Interntrip also provides translation, educational information consultation, foreign teacher & job recommendation and other related services.
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China Interntrip owns a dynamic and professional team. With rich professional knowledge, service experience, regular professional training and tremendous executions, our team can response and execute quickly and efficiently. And China Interntrip provides a comprehensive range of latest and most personalized services and supports for businesses and foreigners.

There is a standard and humanized procedure to for you to start internship.
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China Interntrip has different programs with flexible prices.
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Suggestions to parents to help your son or daughter prepare internship abroad.
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Tips for you to prepare your challenging internship and life in China.
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Get to know more about our program and internship in China.
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China Interntrip was founded in 2014 in Qingdao, China. It is a professional consulting and service company specialized in the fields of China Internship, Homestay, Chinese Learning, Translation, Cultural Communication, Consultation on business, tourism, education and so on.

As the bridge between the western and Chinese cultures, China Interntrip dedicates to provide International students with the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and business, as well as gain professional skills in an international working environment. 

With a professional and dynamic team, rich experiences, plenty of local resources from different industries, China Interntrip endeavors to provide the premium services to clients efficiently.
China Interntrip
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